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...No Evil or Is It Know Evil?

I am one who tries to hear no Evil, speak no Evil, and see no Evil but being deaf, dumb and blind to it doesn't make it go away. It is time to heal. The aloe vera represents the cooling force of God's love on the chaos of hatred. Apathy won't make Satan go away. The Evil One loves apathy. I am the one who needs to be a healing force through Jesus Christ in today's madness.

I created this soul collage card in the middle of the night. I was unable to sleep so I turned to the meditative process of creating a soul collage card. God and I are having a conversation in which he talks and I listen. That's when I noticed the dual meaning for the homonyms, "no" and "know". I could hear the voices of my dream group friends advising me to view the card as if we're a dream. What is the message?

Speak, know evil

Hear, know evil

See, know evil

It's all about discernment--one of the fruits of the spirit. Being able to tell truth from lies is a gift, perhaps it's a curse, in today's insanity. Each of us needs to hear, see, and speak truth as followers of Jesus Christ. There's no place for apathy in the heart of a Christian.

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