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Ibis Energy

I sat down last night with some pictures I had torn from magazines and my soul collage creation tools. I took a deep cleansing breath and selected some images to use. As usual, the pictures I had chosen did not seem to go together--in fact, they looked as if they fought each other. Yet, I knew they belonged in a card together. I used the ibis image as my background. The three girls walking on the path anchored the card and hour glass was placed in the bottom, left corner.

I sat back and looked at the card, waiting for it to share its truth. That's when I realized the hour glass was an infinity symbol. Clearly the girls represented my girl friends and the flock of ibis represented feminine energy but there had to be further significance for the ibis.

Delving into the symbolic meaning of the ibis was interesting. As a spirit animal, it is a symbol of communication, probing, transition, and trust. This wetland bird searches the mud for food. Likewise, it could represent the quest for finding answers to crucial questions, even if the truth is ugly. It seeks a creative solution to harmonious living and connection to the environment. Ibis energy can teach one how to change luck and find the path to success. It is possible to change weakness into strength. Teaching one to trust one's instinct is also an element of this feminine energy. My gut to use the ibis makes sense, now.

This soul collage card is about the bond between women friends. It's about trust shared, seeing each other though the seasons of our lives. It's about being able to communicate one's feelings, honestly. Time is irrelevant. Friends apart for months, even years, discover that the bond still remains when united.

I experienced the inspiration for this card recently. I have been hospitalized since my traumatic femur break and my friends and family have gone way out of their way to visit and reconnect with me. I cherish my friendships though sometimes I don't think I'm worthy of them. It seems life gets in the way of my good intentions. But on those rare occasions that I allow myself to spend time with my dear friends, I am renewed. It is hard to describe the warm, enveloping hug I receive when we are together. I am assured that I am not alone. I know the Lord is with me, always, yet sometimes I fall into the abyss of loneliness. So, in those times when I need to be reminded of how blessed I am, I will gaze upon this card. Ibis energy is empowering!

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