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I've Enrolled in Jesus's School of Prayer!

This month Betsy challenged us to enroll in Jesus's School of Prayer.  Who better to teach us how to pray?  He told us to worship in Spirit and in Truth.  Because His Spirit is within us, our worship isn't bound by a time or place--it is continuous, everywhere, and eternal.  

Author Andrew Murray suggested that we enter Christ's School of Prayer as little children.  "Remind me of the provision You make for the Spirit's breathing in child-like stammerings."  This quote caught my attention.  I have been watching my grandson, Eli, for the last four days.  He's two and I had forgotten how joyous children are at that age.  Eli was constantly prattling on trying to explain things to Nana but I didn't always understand his babblings.  It never deterred or frustrated him for a second.  I could make out a few words here and there so I could usually discern what he was trying to communicate.  I loved hearing him talk!  It was music to my ears.  This is so much like our prayers to the Lord.  We ramble on and He listens patiently.  He already knows what we need before  we ask.  Some may then wonder, why we need to pray?  Just like I tired to reinforce the use of complete sentences with Eli, our Father wants us to come to him as a child, speaking from our heart in truth.  With practice and genuine honesty, I hope that my rudimentary prayers communicate my earnest attempt to talk to God.  

So, don't fret that your prayers aren't eloquent.  Don't become distressed if you stumble over your praises, requests, and questions.  We are enrolled in Jesus's School of Prayers and we're not graded.  He will never fail us.  Thanks be to God!

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