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Monday's Prayer-Patience

This month's prayer vigil is focusing on Corinthians 13.  Betsy has challenged us to focus on a different part of the chapter  every day of the week.  Today is Monday and I looked at Monday's Prayer.  Your love is patient and kind; help me to be patient and kind with all people I encounter for YOU love me this way.  It is probably exactly the verse I needed to hear today but it's not easy to put patience into practice.  Especially when Michael is recovering from Thursday's treatment and he feels terrible.  I am the object of his misery, anger, and frustration.  Somehow, everything is MY fault.  Being a caregiver has its issues but patience is right at the top of the list.  Usually, I have infinite patience with everyone, but me.  However,  I find myself losing patience with his disagreeable disposition.  

I got this sampler for Michael right before we got married.  I love the King James version of Corinthians 13 but this paraphrasing was simple and right to the point.  It's hanging right beside our bed but sometimes you don't noticed things that are always in front of you.  I haven't really seen this framed reminder for months.  When I just read Monday's prayer, I remembered this heart.  I took a picture of it and noticed the dust before I noticed the words.  I need to dust this sampler off, both figuratively and literally.   Even though I get defensive when he is like this, I need to have patience.  The Lord has demonstrated vast patience with me and I should do the same.  So, I'll go get the Webster and dust off this sampler that reminds me of God's love and our love for eachother.  Lord Jesus, teach me patience.  Amen!

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