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How Does He See Me?

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

In my Bible study we are learning about the Mysteries of Heaven by Dr. David Jeremiah. A recent lesson focused on what our heavenly bodies will be like. It was a fascinating and exciting revelation. Honestly, I hadn't given much thought to my heavenly body. It's so easy to get hung up on my earthly body that imagining how my eternal body will be different and similar was not something I had investigated.

My heavenly body will be indestructible. Wow! I've had a triple bypass and live with various painful challenges every day of my life. I'm very blessed, I know, but my earthly body is only a faint shadow of my heavenly body. My new body will be identifiable. Yes, I will be able to recognize people from my earthly home and they will be able to recognize me. I already knew this from my brief death experience during heart surgery. The light I was moving towards was brilliant and inviting. I could make out shilouettes of people on the left and the right between the light and me. I knew them and they were welcoming me but I was not ready. It wasn't my time. I was back in my earthly body and experiencing pain worse than child birth. I knew I had work left to do and that gave me strength to physically recover. My heavenly body will be incedible. I will not be constrained by time or space. My heavenly body will be infinite. There will be no more conflict between flesh and spirit. I will be free.

Yet, I wonder, how does He see me, now? Does he see my spiritual body as I'll be in heaven or does he see this mortal, flawed body that I inhabit today? If the artist of all creation were to paint my portrait, what would the painting reflect? This soul collage card captures this question. With all my heart, I believe he would paint me through Jesus' eyes. I would be without blemish or scars. I would be beautiful in my Lord's eyes.

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