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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

I am thrilled about our new Bible study that is focused on Heaven. Dr. David Jeremiah is guiding us through the Mysteries of Heaven. Relvelation #1--There are three heavens! The first one I would call the biosphere, as far as life can exsist in the clouds. It's what we think of when we look up during the day. Blue skies, fluffy clouds, and rainbows--it's like being wrapped in a soft blanket. That's the way I've always felt, at least. Right now, I'm listening to Jewel's version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and I have tears in my eyes. The first time I met Michael, he said, "Let's go to Kansas." I knew he was thinking about this song which has always been special to both of us since childhood. "...birds fly over the rainbow, why can't I?" It's one of those songs that touches a truth about heaven many of us feel. The idea, the knowing, that what is on the other side is better than we can possibly imagine. I feel so loved when I look up at the first heaven.

Then, there's the second heaven. That's the view seen at night or through a telescope. The stars, the moon, planets, galaxies, nebulas, and just the vast awesomeness of space. In my dreams I have "slipped the surly bonds of Earth. Put out my hand and touched the face of God" as John McGee, Jr. so eloquently wrote. This image of the God's Eye Nebula is breath-taking. I can't imagine anyone looking up into the night sky, free of light pollution, and not feel God surrounding them. How amazing is our God to create this second heaven to both inspire and humble us I feel so loved when I look up at the second heaven.

However, it's the third heaven that truly is hard to grasp. Jesus is there right now preparing a place for us. He tells us, "it is my father's house" and believers in Christ already have reservations! How cool is that! It is the heaven and heaven of heavens--no, that's not redundancy. Our Lord can't be contained by space or time. During my heart surgery, I had a glimpse at the third heaven. I felt myself moving upward toward heaven and away from my body. What I saw was a place, full of light and love, I felt such love. But, it was not my time and He sent me back. That overwhelming sense of complete acceptance and love is something I wish I could describe better. I felt so loved when I visited the third heaven

The more I learn about heaven, the more at peace I am. That longing to see what's over the rainbow is universal in the human experience. God loves us so much that we get to spend eternity with Him at the end of the rainbow.

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