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You Are God and I Am Not

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

When I first heard Hillary Scott's song, Thy Will Be Done, I was moved to tears. It is a powerful song about being broken. There was a phrase in the lyrics that haunts me still today..."Remember, that you are God and I am not...". In its simplicity, it reminds me of my humanity. I am not Supergirl or Wonder Woman, though sometimes I feel as if super-human effort is required to survive my day to day struggles. The only power I have comes from the Lord God Almighty. In her brokeness following a miscarriage, Hillary Scott wrote this beautiful song. Being broken cuts through all the superficial layers that are exposed to the world. The intimacy between God and me is magnified. It is in that humble place where reality is raw and real. So little of our life on social media projects this vunerability. In fact, our facade world of selfies and blogging promote quite the opposite. We Christians need to remember that God is God and we are not. It is from a place of brokeness that we are brought to our knees before God. It's not a pretty place and it doesn't have a pretty face. No, there are not many selfies of a person when they are truly broken that appear on social media.

In our homework this week, we explored 2 Timothy 3:2-5. I liked the way Beth Moore used the metaphor of labor to explain the end times. It's the frequency and the intensity that announce the baby is on its way. There are eighteen characteristics that will be prevalent in humankind in the last days before Jesus' return. We recorded them and ranked them on a scale of 1-3, with 3 being an extreme problem today. There were several 3s on my list but the one that stood out was Love of Self. We are so egocentric in this day and time--it's become an epidemic. Okay, I do have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tango accounts. I also have this Wix blog that I started. Mainly, I joined to keep up with my kids and grandson. I'm not wild about getting my picture taken, I dare say, even if I were 50 pounds lighter, I still wouldn't like my likeness. It's not that I have a bad self-image--it just seems kinda vain to post pictures of myself all the time, so, I don't. What others do is up to them--I can only attest to my convictions. I suppose it boils down to what is important to an individual. I want my priorities to be God and family. I have other interests and passions, of course, but I am trying to remember that you are God and I am not.

SOUL COLLAGE. Egocentric...Council...I am one who realizes that it's easy to get sucked up in this egocentric world. The moon and the stars don't revolve around us. It's crucial to remember that you are God and I am not.

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