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Why Memorize The Apostles Creed?

My earliest memory of reciting the Apostles Creed was in Carvaso United Methodist Church near Abingdon, Virginia. It was something I was taught in Sunday School and in Vacation Bible School. I'm sure someone explained why we said the Apostles Creed every Sunday morning but I don't recall, now. I just remember repeating it in a sing-songy rhythm and feeling accomplished that I could rattle it off perfectly. The Methodist version is slightly different from other versions but it's the one I learned when I was a young child, so it's the one I know. In our homework for my Bible study of 2nd Timothy, Melissa, Beth Moore's daughter, wrote about the importance of saying what we believe aloud. There is no place in the Bible where the words are written together as they are in the Apostles Creed. Instead, the Apostles Creed is compilation of the key beliefs of our faith. It is a proclamation to testify what I believe as a Christain. Honestly, I have never dissected the Apostles Creed but I've decided to so a series of Soul Collage cards so I can truly process each part of this traditional witness to my beliefs. Why memorize the Apostles Creed? Just read the words...

I remember when White Stone Church of the Nazarene held a tribute musical evening to Christian artist, Rich Mullins, who had recently passed away. I love Rich Mullins' music and he was a master of the hammered dulcimer. The cd that had this song on it was stuck inside my car when I traded it in and I have missed it so much. His song Creed is a powerful testimony. I encourage you to purchase this video and reaffirm your beliefs, too. Singing the Apostles Creed is an even more powerful way to publicly share the words that make Christians unique. Why memorize the Apostles Creed? Just listen to the words:

Powerful words, indeed! I did my first Apostles Creed Soul Collage card on Monday. In our Bible study we are striving to become Mighty Women of God. My Soul Collage Sisters and I hope to get in touch with our inner strengths so that we can fulfil our purpose in this world. Being able to not only say the Apostles Creed but to own it, is a step in the right direction for me. This one only addresses the first few words, "I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth..."

Soul Collage

Apostles Creed #1...Companion...I am one who believes in God the Father Almighy, the maker of heaven and earth...God (the bear) and the Holy Spirit (the raven) ignited the creative energy from which all life was created. My companion the great blue heron reminds me to let the healing warmth of the sun radiate through my body.

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