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God Loves Balance

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

God loves balance. "Honest scales and balance belong to the Lord. All the weights in the bag are of His making." Proverbs 16:11. In nature, ecosystems and the organisms living within interact with all of the abiotic factors such as water, sunlight, temperature, soil composition, air quality, and elevation. Any change in those nonliving variables or in the organisms' dynamics, will profoundly impact their survivabilty. Sometimes the variables shifts are subtle and sometimes humans come in and forever change the balance in an ecosystem.

The Venus' flytrap could not survive in the nitrogen-poor soil of the bogs in which they live. God loves balance. A genetic mutation that allowed the plant to become carnivorous so that it could get the nitrogen it needed to thrive became part of the organism's DNA. Remember, God loves balance. That mutation became an adaptation because it helped the Venus' flytrap survive in a seemingly hostile environment. That's evolution. God loves balance.

Evolution is not a dirty word, my friends. It just means God is using honest scales to balance...all of His making. Sometimes, that change is slow and takes millions of years to reach a homeostatic balance such as whales becoming marine animals and reptiles becoming birds that can fly. Sometimes, that change is rapid such as the case of the peppered moth. God loves balance, in spite of man's interference with His world. The peppered moth used the lichen-covered bark of trees in England to camoflague itself from its predators. Then the industrial revolution caused acid rain to fall in the peppered moth's ecosystem. Lichen is a biological indicator. It was highly sensitive to the lower pH of the rain and died. Soon, the peppered moth was an obvious target to its predators. God loves balance. Once again, a genetic mutation became an adaption and the peppered moth survived due to natural selection. The darker colored enabled it to make it through the days before the Clean Air Act of 1956 was passed in the United Kingdom. Keep in mind, God loves balance. When the smog disappeared and the acid rain was a distant memory, the lichen began to grow on the bark of trees once again. Through natural selection, the peppered moth became its original color. This rapid change is called punctuated equilibrium.

Regardless whether evolution was gradualism or punctuated equilibrium, God was the master of the scales. I believe in the power of God. Who am I to say how the Lord changes DNA? I just know it is possible. Michael had chromosome deletions on 13 and 17. Chromosomes are supposed to be diploid but two of his chromosomes only had half of the pair present. These genetic markers indicated a rapid progression of Michael's multiple myeloma--prognosis poor. The deletions were there in 2013 but they completely disappeared when Dr. Barlogie's team at UAMS looked at Michael's DNA in 2015. His DNA was normal. That means his DNA regenerated!!! I give all the glory to God. My God loves balance, even down to our DNA!

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