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Getting God

In the Dangerous Prayer Challenge I agreed to pray Psalms 139:23-24 every day for a month. There are many lessons this scripture can teach us and I'm learning new ones the further along the path I travel with God. One revelation is grasping the magnitude of God. Often we try to fit God into this tiny box so we can put him in our backpack and carry him up the mountain switchbacks with us. It's convenient. It's safe. However, to really and truly "get" God, I have learned that to walk on the trail with Him is quite the opposite. Our God told us that He wants us to walk on the path everlasting with Him. Wow! Eternity with God! But not on our terms--on His.

It's so much easier to "get" the magnificence of God when on a mountain top or walking on a beach. However, it's much more of a challenge when I'm at the hospital and my husband is tethered to a 6-hour IV drip of a drug that will make his bones ache for days. Or, I'm on the phone with my mom talking about whether her cancer has returned, Bruce's new chemo for lung and liver cancer, or my sister's kidney and heart issues. For example, I was sitting in Dr. Bennett's (my cardiologist) office on Friday for my yearly checkup. Instead of trusting in God, I found myself overwhelmed with fear that he'd call an ambulance and send me to Richmond for a heart cauth. I momentarily had put God in a box and forgotten His promise to me. Most of the time, I feel as if I'm beyond that small thinking but somehow Satan wiggles his way into my thoughts and tries to plant doubt. Try me, Lord, and know my heart. There is no room for second-guessing the path I'm walking with my Lord. Dr. Bennett was tickled with my progress. Aside from losing weight, I'm good to go for another year. God is beside me on this journey through eternity. What a great hiking partner!

This Soul Collage card I made is called Guardian. It reminds me that I am the one who is protected by a love more powerful than space or time. The universe doesn't fit in a backpack or a box. To really "get" God, one has to embrace the vastness of His love.

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