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Rancher to Rustic-Modern

From boring rancher to

Rustic Modern!

It all began with Getaway Shenandoah. I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my house on Mosquito Creek on the Rappahannock River. It needed to be grounded and the black does that perfectly. The 150 year old shutters came from an estate on the North River. I stripped the paint and

sanded them down to the wood. Staining them with cedar stain to match the rest of the cedar worked well. I added cedar siding, cedar corbels, and wrapped the posts in cedar. My son Zach and I also made a cedar slat wall on the side of the porch. However, the first renovation project I did was the

garage door. I wanted the door to bring the black and the cedar together. I found some cool boatwood mosaics that I made into rectangles and glued them to the black garage door.

I love, love, love the door! I bought some shutters from a lady in Reedville. They came from her family home in Florida and dated back to the 1940's. There were 8 coats of paint on them. I decided to make them more like awnings than shutters. They are on the right side of the garage. It gives it a finished look. Michael's cousin Dale and his crew completed the painting of the house and installing the rest of the cedar siding. They did a wonderful job! I was focused on doing this update myself but I just couldn't. However, I did learn how to use some power tools during this renovation process. Seth and Jordan purchased new windows. It made a huge difference in the amount of light in each room and bringing the house into this century. Now, the green tin roof works! We are in the process of updating the interior, as well. More to come soon...

*Click the link to see a slideshow of the exterior renovation stages.

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