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Adventures Everyday

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

In the summer I used to tell my sons that we would have "adventures everyday"! On a school teacher's salary those adventures would have to be cheap or free--I knew that. I was blessed with three boys who all loved the outdoors. We spent hours on the beaches of the Rappahannock River progging, a word I learned from Captain Charles Parks from Tangier Island. It is all about walking the beach with the intent of finding flotsam, arrowheads, shark's teeth, skate plates, whale bones, the carapace of a turtle, old crab pot buoys, sea glass, or anything that seemed remotely interesting at the time. I met Capt. Charles the first summer we lived in the Northern Neck through the Chesapeake Foundation's educational Teachers on the Bay program but that's a story for another day...

With every new tide, treasures are left stranded on the beach or marsh until the next high tide. Sometimes the ebb and flow are gentle and quiet and other times the change is much more dramatic. The best time for progging is on an extra low tide after a storm. I found these on one of those

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