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54 Days Away From Home

Michael and I watched the Wizard of Oz last night. I have always loved this classic movie since I was a child. The scene where Dorothy taps her ruby slippers and says, "There's no place like home. There's no place like home..." had new meaning for me. 54 days away from home seems like an eternity. It's like I'm waking up from a nightmare that seemed all too real. But it really did happen. Michael had his CAR-T cell Therapy and he's getting better every single day. Tomorrow (actually today--I couldn't sleep) we get to go home.

We are doing a Care Share program where we go to VCU once a week and Tappahannock twice. A lot of traveling but at least we will be home. Pulling into our driveway was kinda of shocking. We left on Sept. 28th and now it's November. Our maple had lost all of its leaves. The camillias were full of blooms. My thistles had gone to seed but my Karley Rose fountain grass was still beautiful. Our amazing coral honeysuckle and passion flowers were the stars of our garden. I love the earthy smell of autumn. Still, some of the glorious colors had not yet faded. Callie came to greet us. I do believe she has put on weight. The two feral kitties who think they live here even came to welcome us home. Even the chickens lined up to see who was coming to feed them. Indeed, there is no place like home!

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