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Holy Week Insights

It's Holy Week and I feel as if I have grown by leaps and bounds in my walk with the Lord since last year at this time. My Bible Study group is now studying The Miracles of Heaven by David Jeremiah and I am learning amazing things I never knew about our eternal home. But the most important lesson, I already knew, how to get to heaven. The only way is through Jesus Christ, our Lord. He is the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God. He died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day. This Soul Collage card is part of my Apostle's Creed series. It makes rejoice that my Savior regins. I could run to the ends of the Earth but there He would find me.

I am His and I believe I have a reservation in Heaven. Eternity with my Lord will be exciting and an adventure every moment. I won't be limited my the aches and pains of this earthly body--I will have a heavenly body, incorruptible!

If I Were In Jerusalem Then...

I have wondered, what would I have done if I had been in Jerusalem during Passover that Holy Week when Jesus rode into the city on a lowly donkey. I believe that I would have heard of His miracles and listened to His words. I would have waved a palm welcoming Him to Jerusalem. I would NOT have shouted, "Crucify him!" days later. I know this in my heart.

Peter and Me

But I also fear I would have been like Peter and denied him when the Satan turned the mob against Him. Maybe not verbally, but I would have feared for my life and my family's lives. Fear is a tool the Devil uses so well, even today. And like Peter, I would have felt guilty and so sick to my stomach that the Lord's words had come to pass. Yet, Jesus told Peter, "You are the rock on which I will build my church...You will be fishers of men." I would have asked for the Lord's forgiveness for my weakness. I would be one who responded, "He is risen, indeed!"

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