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Send Me

So here it is at the end of the month praying Dangerous Prayer #3, Send Me. No, the Lord didn't tell me to go to a warm island in the Caribbean which was my targeted area in the world to include in my prayers, though that would have been cool. It was something entirely different. With God, always expect the unexpected.

One of my many jobs in Northumberland County Public Schools was the webmaster. I actually had to create the entire site from scratch. I designed the school's new logo myself because our web hosting company wanted $800.00 to do it for us. I was all about saving the county money whenever I could. That was almost a decade ago. Sometimes I wish I had copyrighted that Indian--I would have a nice nest egg in my retirement, but I didn't. Money has never been my motivation. In fact, when that's my only incentive, things never are quite as well done as they could be. My heart has to be in it. I mention this because two different groups approached me asking for my help with their websites this month. I know I'm retired but there are extreme demands on my time. It's a very delicate feat to balance the fragile elements of my life, before adding more responsibility. However, the Lord God Almighty knows me, down to my DNA. Instead of sending me to the far reaches of Earth, He wants me to use my skills and creativity right in my own backyard. Like I said, with God, always expect the unexpected.

Because of my passion for education, sustainability, science, and the environment, I differ with many folks around here politically and that's okay. Although I am not an advocate of some of their stances, Rappahannock Indivisible--We The People fills my need for action in the face of unbelievable acts that violate the future of our children and our planet. I HAVE to do something. I feel that the Lord has called me to advocate for things in which I believe. So, I agreed to help setup their website. Creating a website is a very time-consuming task but I have enjoyed being able to use my limited skills to at least give them a web presence. It was so inspiring to see a bus load of Christchurch students at the meeting wanting to be a positive change in the world. Many of them offered to help with the communication part of promoting issues that stir their souls. It felt really good to be with young people again and having digital natives on my team is awesome! What little I've learned is by trial and error but these kids were born into this world of technology. Like me, they cannot stand by and watch everything they hold dear disappear with the scratch of a pen. So, I will support those issues in which I strongly believe. I am certain the Lord is okay with me following my convictions.

In addition, two people on the vestry at Trinity Episcopal Church approached me and asked if I could help with their website. I've been praying about it and I think I could handle it. It's just interesting how I prayed for God to Send Me and then both of these opportunities arise in the same month. So, perhaps, the Send Me prayer isn't always about being sent to a place at all--it's about opening my heart to use my gifts to further His kingdom. It's about getting out in the world and sharing His message. Who knew when I started this Dangerous Prayer Challenge in January that I would be working on two different websites in three months. Thank you, Betsy, for helping me make time for the Lord every single day. I feel as if I have grown and learned so much by giving Him my heart. Stay tuned, my friends, and don't be surprised if the Lord answers your prayer in a way you never, ever would have expected.

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