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I Am the Lorax

         For decades when I took my 7th graders to Port Isobel or Fox Island, a CBF staffer would read The Lorax when it was lights out.  I read it to my 3 sons and my students.  Not because I love Dr. Seuss (though I do)  but because of the message it conveyed.  I am very much a tree hugger, always have been.  I make no apologies for my love of nature my my intense passion about preserving it.  The last page speaks volumes:

"Unless someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot, it's never going to get better.  It's NOT!"

It seems the world is turned upside down--it's easy to forget what one person can do to save this planet.  I need to become proactive again.  I need to go out on a limb for my beliefs. 

       My Soul Collage card today is called The Lorax.  I am the who who speaks for the trees, the Lorax says.

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