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The Orange Orb

It was after the photographer gave me the disc containing the photographs of our wedding that I noticed one picture with this glowing, orange orb on it. Thinking maybe it was a speck of dust or water on the lens, I carefully culled through all the other images but this was the only one with the orb. I researched orbs on the internet to discovered that it is rare to see in the daylight. The mere size of this one is interesting. The color orange in an orb may be an angel of healing or protection. Michael's mom is buried just feet away from where we said our vows. I felt as if my dad were with us there that day. I am also certain that our guardian angels were watch over us, too. Though I know how to photoshop, I did nothing to this picture other than enlarge, crop, and reduce the glare. It was a hot July morning and natural glitches that could cause this simply weren't present. I believe we had company that day and it feels good, very good.

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