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Snow Day!

There is something nostalgic about a snow day. It's the sheer joy of hearing that school will be closed that day that brings out the kid in most of us. I know it does me. Teachers are more prone to this exhilaration than most other professionals, I dare say. When even the maintenance folks aren't called in, you know that for at least the next two days you'll be home. It makes you want to drink hot chocolate, bake cookies, and eat chili. It makes you want to pull out the sled and find the closest hill, even if you are 59 years old and have bad knees. It makes you want to stay in bed late, just because you can. Snow Days are a gift from the Almighty.

I remember when we lived in Abingdon, VA, the farm house we rented was on a hill overlooking the dairy farm which surrounded it on all sides. My parents were both teachers so when we all had the day off from school, it was family time. We sledded down the hill and made snowmen until Mom called us to come inside. We reluctantly trudged inside the kitchen and put our snow-covered mittens on the radiator to dry. We were usually wet all the way through to our long-johns so we had to take them off, too. I never noticed how cold I was until I came into the house. Then, the mug of hot chocolate (by the way, it was made with real Hershey's chocolate syrup in milk in a pot on the stove) helped, but our memory of frigid temperature was short-lived. Right after lunch, we were ready for round two which usually involved snow forts and snowball battles with my siblings. I recall being really happy on those days. Being with my family on a snow day was always a good day.

When I became a parent, I wanted my boys to make similar memories. They always wanted to be outside. No danger of the Christman boys becoming couch potatoes. Sledding, snowboarding, and playing with the dogs were entirely more enticing than playing video games. I believe I successfully passed on my love for snow days to them. The lucky parents and kids who allow themselves to truly experience the sheer joy of a snow day will keep this comforting memory for the rest of their lives.

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